Cancer Fighting Supplements for Dogs

by Sarah

When your dog has cancer, one of the first things to evaluate is her diet. You may be thinking about implementing a raw food diet, or one that does not include any type of wheat, corn, or soy, etc. But there are also some supplements that may help  your dog’s natural resources to help fight off the nasty cancer.

Here’s a potential game plan for including supplements in your dog’s diet. Use this list (below) by starting from the top and work your way down. The more you can use (appropriately), the better off your dog will be.

PLEASE NOTE: Apocaps is a combination pill that acts as a replacement for the separate Big Gun list.
That means don’t use Apocaps along with separate Big Guns, since you will be duplicating many supplements.

PLEASE NOTE: The “Manage Chemo & Radiation Side Effects” supplements on the first tier below are for dogs who may experience side effects from conventional treatments like chemo and radiation.

You want to address side effects as a top priority.

If your dog is NOT receiving the specific treatments, just skip to the next tier in the hierarchy labeled “The Big Guns.”

Here is the Supplement Hierarchy:

Co Q-10,
Indole 3 Carbinol, (or cimetidine) as appropriate
Apocaps (a combo big gun supplement or “nutraceutical”) ongoing

OR alternate Apocaps with Artemisinin if you are using Artemisinin

–OR (if you prefer not to use Apocaps)–

Rotate the Big Guns:


(Remember, if you use Apocaps, it is NOT necessary to use the  ”Big Gun” supplements above.)

K-9 Immunity and Transfer Factor (ongoing)
Fatty Acids: fish oil, or krill oil (ongoing)
Wobenzym-N (given between meals as a treatment) (ongoing)
Amino Acids/Juven, or glutamine, or Modified Citrus Pectin (ongoing)
Cimetidine or doxycycline
Digestive Enzymes (in food)
Multivitamin (dietary doses only)

It is absolutely necessary to first consult with your veterinarian before you begin to administer these supplements to your dog and follow the directions on the bottles.

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